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Expert Explains the Causes of Acid Reflux

By Jennifer | Acid Reflux

Feb 08
Causes of Acid Reflux

The Causes of Acid Reflux

In my quest to learn more about the Causes of Acid Reflux, I came across some information from Jeff Martin.

Jeff is an author, researcher, nutritionist and health consultant who dedicated his life to finding an acid reflux solution.

I like what he does because he focuses on getting to the root of the problem. He wants to cure heartburn and Acid Reflux naturally without prescription drugs.

The Impotance Of Drug Free Acid Reflux Relief

When I first started having problems with heartburn, my first bit of research made clear that there are no shortage of pills to take.

That’s good news and bad news. If you don’t like to take a bunch of pills, it’s bad news. You really don’t want a quick fix that ties you to popping a few pills everyday.

Causes of Acid reflux

Pills are expensive and it can be a real problem if you run out or can’t get them. The other scary thing…

Have you ever read the warning labels on some of those things? Yikes!

Anyway, back to Jeff Martin. I really dug into his work and liked it. I want to share some of his info here with you.

If you want to learn more about him check out his website by clicking here.
Otherwise, here is some information from him on the causes of acid reflux.Causes of Acid Reflux

Jeff Martin Explains the Causes of Acid Reflux

Acid reflux disease, also known as gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD), occurs due to the coexistence of several medical and lifestyle conditions.

Physiological factors that trigger GERD include lower esophageal sphincter (LES) hypotonia (the gradual weakening of the LES), along with retrograde flow of stomach contents into the esophagus, and the level of sensitivity of the esophageal mucus to the reflux content.

How Does the LES Cause Acid Reflux?

The food that you swallow travels down your throat and is pushed by contractions of the muscular esophagus.

In the area where the esophagus joins the stomach a valve-like mechanism, known as lower esophageal sphincter (LES), is located.

The closure of this muscle prevents stomach acid from backing up, or refluxing, into the esophagus.

LES malfunction is the first factor that causes and contributes to gastro-esophageal reflux disease.

In a healthy individual, the LES relaxes only when food passes from the esophagus into the stomach.

After the food passes into the stomach, the valve shuts off, keeping the stomach content and acid inside.

However, when the LES is weak and doesn’t close properly, acid can splash up into your throat causing painful burning sensation, called heartburn.

Factors That Contribute to Acid Reflux

There are several factors/conditions, which can prevent the LES from being closed properly.

These factors/conditions include genetic weakness, obesity and excessive fat ingestion. In addition to that, all muscles in the human body tend to sag as part of the aging process, including the LES.

The second factor, or rather the group of factors that causes gastro-esophageal reflux disease, are behavioral and lifestyle related. As mentioned above, a weakened LES is one of the direct physiological causes of acid reflux disease.

Foods to Avoid

Various food ingredients, drugs and nervous system processes can weaken this muscle, thus contributing to GERD.

Causes of Heartburn

Foods that may contribute to acid reflux include orange juice, lemons and lemonade, grapefruit juice, tomatoes and tomato juice, French fries, sour cream, coffee and tea.

Acid reflux can also be the result of fungal yeast infection that builds up in the colon.

When Candida albicans turn from yeast to fungi, they depress the immune system and produce more than 79 distinct toxins that may be responsible for many of the symptoms that Candida sufferers have including heartburn.

When Candida gets out of control, it breaks through the intestinal walls and travels throughout the body. It can attach itself to the genital areas, the mouth and the esophagus among many other parts of the body.

When Candida goes out of control, it begins to ferment and reflux the contents of the stomach upward through the small intestines, through the stomach and then through the esophagus, causing infection, burning and damage to the esophagus

This article is based on the book, “Heartburn No More” by Jeff Martin.

Jeff is an author, researcher, nutritionist and health consultant who dedicated his life to creating the ultimate acid reflux solution guaranteed to permanently reverse the root cause of heartburn and acid reflux and naturally and dramatically improve the overall quality of your life, without the use prescription medication and without any surgical procedures. Learn more by visiting his website:

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