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Not All Carbs Are Bad: 4 Other Things That Are Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

By Jennifer | Try a Diet

Nov 30

CARRRRRBS! Run! Aahhhhh!

Lately it seems like everybody hates carbs. The current diet trends like the ketogenic diet really focus on an almost no carb existence.

While eating bacon 24/7 has a certain appeal to it, if you cut out carbs completely you will probably start to realize you miss those guys too.

With all the Keto hype, I thought it would be good to step back and look at some other diet options if you’re looking to lose fat and gain muscle.

One of these is The Renegade Diet. It is a program designed to help men gain muscle, lose fat and get ripped.
Like most diet plans, the trick is in the follow through. It makes some great points about your current lifestyle that could be holding you back. I’m going to run through some of them:

You’re Eating Too Many Calories

This should be pretty obvious to most people, but there are still those who are claiming that you can eat all you want as long as you avoid carbs. That’s just not true. At the end of the day you need to eat less. It’s really simple. If you’re eating 10-12 calories for every pound of bodyweight it would be hard NOT to lose fat. Most people stuff their faces every 2-3 hours to “crank their metabolism” or “stoke the metabolic fire,” and end up eating way more calories than they need.

You’re Not Eating Enough Calories

This is the opposite side of the coin, obviously. Some people diet too hard and in turn basically shut off their metabolism. When you cut calories too low your thyroid will shut down and losing fat will become very difficult. One easy way to monitor this is by taking your temperature when you wake up. If it starts dipping way below normal you’ll know you’ve royally messed up your metabolism.

At that point the best thing you can do is crank your calories through the roof for a few days, or even weeks until you get back to normal. Nothing else will help.

You’re Drinking Too Many Protein Shakes

When you want to get ripped it’s always better to chew as many of your calories as possible. The very act of chewing and digesting solid food burns more calories than drinking shakes does. Most physique competitors cut out shakes when getting ready for a show. Take note and learn the lesson. One small one after a workout is okay but I wouldn’t be slugging down three a day.

You’re Not Following A Diet Plan

Like I said, the trick is in the follow through. If you’re not working a plan, you will not succeed. If you’re looking for a good system to follow, The Renegade Diet is good because its not too complicated or difficult to follow. It’s designed by Jason Ferruggia and he has been featured on ESPN, Men’s Health and various other reputable TV shows and in magazines.

If you’re looking for a way to gain muscle and get ripped then The Renegade Diet is definitely something you should consider. It’s an easy to follow plan that’s designed by someone who really knows their stuff – there’s no fad here and it’s not the latest celebrity diet or program. It’s a proven and tested program which has been around for years – because it works.

We don’t hype up a lot of diet plans, but this one is solid. It’s straight forward and there’s no overly hyped nonsense here – it’s just pure and simple science that works to help you lose fat and gain muscle and work your way towards a ripped and lean body – check out the website today and see what you think.

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